I'm Diane Huth, The Runaway Sherpa
My mission is to guide you on your journey to paradise, and to hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through the many daunting tasks to identify your paradise, and then help you craft the roadmap to get you there.

Two years ago I made the plunge - I sold everything, and moved to Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women!), a tiny sun-kissed island off the coast of Cancun, where the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico meet.

I learned the journey the hard way - lots of trials and errors, mistakes and lucky breaks, blessed to speak fluent Spanish, and to be naturally inquisitive and to ask questions of everyone I met.

The result is my upcoming book, The Grown Ups Guide To Running Away From Home - Earn Dollars.  Spend Pesos.  Escape To Paradise.

My goal is to share insiders' secrets to help you Escape to Paradise easily, affordably, and confidently, armed with detailed knowledge that will set you free of the confusion, doubt and worry that prevent you from living the life of your dreams.

I invite you to join me and escape to paradise today!

From Brand Marketer to Career Coach to Runaway Sherpa

I always loved to travel and experience new cultures, to live in places that filled me with joy and stimulated my senses every day. I studied Spanish in college in Madrid, Spain, and earned both a Masters Degree in Spanish, and later an MBA in International Marketing.

That led me on a fascinating career working in senior level marketing positions in Brazil, Portugal and Mexico, before returning to the US, where I specialized in Hispanic marketing - always my passion.

About 7 years ago, I started teaching Marketing at 2 universities, and discovered that my bright talented students had no clue on how to land a job when they graduated in just a few months.

So I wrote a book for them called BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job. That launched me on a new career as an Amazon best selling author and career coach, and I've appeared on more than 150 radio shows and podcasts to help job seekers market themselves to employers.
Along the way, I discovered the Baby Boomer Unemployment Crisis, and, I wrote my second major book, REINVENT YOUR CAREER - Beat Age Discrimination To Land Your Dream Job, to help my baby boomer peers find and secure great positions in Corporate America.

In the process of writing and promoting that book, I realized that there are legions of experienced, skilled and talented people who are unable to continue in their careers due to age discrimination, and they desperately need a way out.  

Moving to a low cost market like Mexico, where they can slash their budget by more than half, was part of the solution. 

The other half was to discover remote working positions, and innovative self employment options that would allow them to augment their income to support themselves well - even while waiting to finally earn Social Security.

Serving the needs of my baby boomer peers has become my mission, and I am embarking on a journey to provide a whole host of training, mentoring and experiential programs to help make their dreams come true.

I invite you to join me on the adventure of running away from home, running towards a rich and fulfilling life, and escaping to paradise to live like royalty on a shoestring budget.

See you in paradise!

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